What is the Best Diet for Humans?

This was the title of a very informative Ted talk I stumbled upon yesterday. So, what is the answer? Surprise! It seems, that there is no one good answer...

The correct question would be: What is the best diet for ME? A big part of the answer: Eat foods for which YOUR blood glucose levels stay relatively constant. No spikes!

As it turns out, there is no standard glycemic index for foods. It depends on many factors, such as gut microbiome, your DNA, age, weight, etc.

The good news: There is a way to identify what works for you. With a tiny portable device you can get at any drug store you can measure your blood glucose levels before and after each meal. This way you can figure out which meals spike up your blood sugar and which have a mere mild effect on it. You should then stick only to the latter meals, the ones that keep your blood glucose levels rather constant.

High glucose level in the blood make your body produce insulin, in order to get it down to a normal rate. Insulin helps store glucose in form of fat in the cells. This is basically how people gain weight.

In order to loose weight, you first have to get down the insulin from your blood, so that fat can be freed up from the cells and burned by your body as energy.

If you only eat foods that for you personally have a low glicemic index, you've made a first big step towards an effective weight management.